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How do I get assistance during the conference?

During the conference, the team will be available for Accessibility support using the pink chat bubble. The pink bubble is not keyboard accessible.  Instead, use the ‘Contact Us’ menu item to get technical support and accessibility help. The pink chat bubble will be available from the 14th August. The contact us page is available at any time for Accessibility queries you may have.

Please contact us with any questions, concerns or requests for assistance during the conference. The help desk will be staffed 24/7 during the main conference. 

The help desk can provide direct links to any session or page, and offer navigation tips. It can also help you browse the program and choose which sessions to attend.

Accessibility FAQs

Using captions at IFLA WLIC 2021
All keynote sessions will have live transcription with open captions. All livestream and Zoom sessions will have automatically generated closed captions available, using the AWS speech recognition engine. The exception is that the smaller Lounge Sessions and Wellbeing Centre (roundtable chat) rooms do not have automated captions.

Other options for automated captions that may be more accurate and have less delay are:  

Using Delegate Connect with a screen reader

We recommend preparing a list of sessions you are interested in, and sharing it via the contact us page. We can provide direct links to the sessions you wish to attend. On desktop computers, the navigation menus are presented as a very long sequence of links, but you can skip to the main content of a page by jumping to the first heading. For more detailed guidance please refer to our screen reader user’s guide to IFLA WLIC 2021. 

If you come across any video or pdf that is not accessible, the accessibility help desk can provide an accessible version of a pdf. 

Accessing IFLA WLIC 2021 with browser magnification

The conference site can be magnified up to 200% and beyond. At larger magnification, the site will switch into a mobile layout.  If you are on a desktop, we recommend staying with the desktop layout. It affords much more real estate for the main content, and allows access to more functionality (including your profile).

Be aware that the navigation menus open automatically when you hover over them but do not close automatically when you move away. Sometimes even when you navigate to a new page, a menu remains open. When a menu is open, the main content of the page is grayed out. You can close the submenus by clicking in the gray area.

On Firefox, magnification works better when the ‘Zoom text only’ feature is turned off.

Accessing IFLA WLIC 2021 using keyboard navigation

If you don’t use a pointing device, but do use the visual display, we recommend the desktop layout. Although the site does not always use standard keyboard navigation patterns, the functions are keyboard accessible.

  • Desktop layout
    • Skip navigation: The first tab stop on each page is a ‘Skip to main content’ link that bypasses the top and left navigation menus and allows efficient access to the main content of each page. 
    • Navigating the menus: Many of the navigation menu items have sub-menus that open automatically when the item receives keyboard focus.  When tabbing forwards, the tab chain includes all items in the sub-menu, but when tabbing backwards, only the top level menu items are included. The most efficient way to keyboard navigate the menus is to jump to the main content, tab backwards to the menu item you want, then tab forwards through the sub-items. 
    • Closing sub-menus: The sub-menus cannot be closed using ‘Escape’, and some include a large number of options (especially the theme type and program options.)  To back out of one of these menus, you could reload the page, navigate backwards past the items with sub-menus, or jump the keyboard focus back to the start of the page, follow the ‘Skip to main content link’, then press ‘tab’ again to start navigating within the main content.  This will close any open sub-menus.
    • Technical support: The pink bubble for requesting technical support is not keyboard accessible.  Instead, use the ‘Contact Us’ menu item to get technical support, or contact the accessibility help desk.

  • Mobile layout
    • Hamburger menu: In the mobile layout, all menus are collapsed into a single hamburger menu.  The menu opens automatically when it receives keyboard focus.  Use the ‘tab’ key to navigate within the menu, and ‘enter’ to open and close the submenus. The ‘X’ to close the hamburger menu is not keyboard accessible. The menu will close when you navigate to a new page.  To close the menu without making a selection, navigate back to the top of the page, follow the ‘Skip to main content’ link, then press tab. The hamburger menu will close as you start to navigate within the main content of the page.
    • Skip navigation: The ‘Skip to main content’ link bypasses the hamburger menu and allows efficient access to the main content of the page.
    • Technical support: The pink bubble for requesting technical support is not keyboard accessible.  Instead, use the ‘Contact Us’ menu item to get technical support, or contact the accessibility help desk.

For further details on IFLA WLIC Accessibility FAQ's, please head to the following link: here 

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